Working together, we can prevent and end youth
homelessness and write a new future for Washington’s youth.

Meet the Staff

Anne (she/her) has supported a wide variety of political, nonprofit, and academic causes. She championed Texas children and families’ voices by electing more women to state and local office. She looks forward to bringing her administrative expertise to A Way Home Washington. Email:
Anne Bradley

Executive Assistant

Dorothy (she/her) has volunteered with local King County shelters to help homeless families in need. She received her bachelor’s degree from Texas State University and is excited to bring her skills to help end youth homelessness. Email:
Dorothy Signo

Anchor Community Initiative Administrative Coordinator

Elysa’s (she/her) career serving youth and young adults experiencing homelessness spans more than nine years. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and master’s degree in nonprofit leadership from Seattle University. Elysa is excited to bring the service provider lens to A Way Home Washington’s work. Email:
Elysa Hovard

Anchor Community Initiative Project Director

Erin’s (she/her) commitment to serving vulnerable youth and young adults began by supporting young leaders advocating for reforms based on their experience in the foster care and homelessness systems. She received her Master of Public Administration from the University of Washington, with an emphasis on Nonprofit Management. Email:
Erin Hatheway

Deputy Director

Jim (he/him) has been serving the children, youth, and families of Washington state in a variety of roles for over 40 years. He is a state licensed mental health and chemical dependency counselor. Jim has also been instrumental in advocating for the passage of multiple pieces of legislation focused on preventing and ending youth homelessness across Washington state. Email:
Jim Theofelis

Executive Director

Liz (she/her) is an award-winning international researcher. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Washington. Equity and social justice lenses guide Liz’s data and evaluation work. Email:
Liz Harding Chao

Anchor Community Initiative Data Manager

Sully (she/her) strives to create communication campaigns that make an impact and authentically represent the community’s voice. She is driven by a deep passion to create a more equitable world. Sully has a Master’s degree in Communication from Florida State University. Email:
Sully Moreno

Communications Director