From Inpatient Treatment to Homelessness:
Envisioning a Path Toward Healing & Safe Housing for Young People in Washington State

Anchor Community Initiative:
Helping All Young People Find Their Way Home

Anchor Community Initiative:
Helping All Young People Find Their Way Home

A Way Home Washington is a statewide movement to prevent and end youth and young adult homelessness. We will focus on the 13,000 - 15,000 unaccompanied young people in Washington State who are surviving homelessness on their own.

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Pearl Jam - The Home Shows. Banding Together to Fight Homelessness In partnership with Pearl Jam

Four Communities Will End Youth and Young Adult Homelessness by 2022

This means we will build a "Yes to Yes" system so that when a young person asks for help, their community can say "yes" without hesitation

We believe that no young person should be forced to sleep outside or in unsafe conditions because of lack of resources.

In partnership with the Office of Homeless Youth, we will build a system that is data-informed, performance-based, equity-driven and holds young people and families at the center. This system will enable communities to say yes to helping a young person when they decide it is time to come inside.

We are a public/private partnership between the government and the philanthropic community. We do not accept any government funding. Instead, we advocate for more funding for local communities and service providers. Our goal is to leave communities better than when we got there by helping them gain more expertise, capacity and funding.

Youth and young adults of color and those who identify as LGBTQ+ experience homelessness at disproportionately high rates.