Housing out of the box: 2023 HOmelessness Prevention & Diversion Fund annual Report

The Homelessness Prevention & Diversion Fund (HPDF), established by A Way Home Washington (AWHWA) in 2020, serves as a crucial service within the Anchor Community Initiative, specifically targeting unaccompanied youth and young adults (YYA) ages 12 to 24. The HPDF was the first centralized diversion fund in Washington to serve unaccompanied minors as well as young adults and expanded the definition of homelessness to include at-risk and unstably/unsafely housed and/or doubled-up/couchsurfing YYA. Through housing and problem solving conversations, HPDF engages with young individuals to identify their immediate needs and identify housing solutions tailored to their circumstances.

In cases where financial assistance is necessary, HPDF administrators swiftly mobilize resources to address housing needs, ensuring timely support for at-risk youth. What sets HPDF apart is its inclusivity: anyone can be trained and certified to access the HPDF in their community, so long as they interact with potentially eligible young people in some capacity and attend AWHWA’s Diversion Certification Training. This approach allows the HPDF to be used as a community-wide resource instead of a program resource at any single agency. This inclusive approach aims to ensure that young people are able to access the fund in the spaces they are already in and with the people they already trust

From May 2022 to May 2023, HPDF served 397 households across five counties: Clark, Pierce, Spokane, Walla Walla, and Yakima, bringing the total number of households served to 1,093 since the program launched. Of the total households served, 71% of HPDF interventions were aimed at preventing homelessness, while 29% focused on diverting individuals from experiencing homelessness. These figures underscore the program’s effectiveness in addressing housing instability among YYA, and more specifically shows how HPDF serves as an effective tool for homelessness prevention.

Client-centered solutions!

HPDF centers housing solutions generated by clients through explorative conversation, with the understanding that they know their situation best.

extremely fast turnaround!

HPDF admins are processing and distributing funding requests quickly with an an average turnaround time of 48 hours.

sustainable Long term housing!

Over 90 percent of the client households served by the HPDF retained housing after 12 months of accessing services.

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The report findings demonstrate how HPDF’s cenralized approach and flexibility are crucial for Washington communities to both prevent and reduce youth/young adult homelessness and get creative when housing the young people in their counties.

Households served from May 2022 to May 2023


of YYA remained housed within 3 months of Diversion


of YYA remained housed within 6 months of Diversion


of YYA remained housed within 12 months of Diversion

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