Through intensive support in communities and strategic support statewide, we’re growing solutions that end homelessness for young people.

The circumstances that lead to the experience of homelessness can vary greatly, so solutions also need to be varied.

Tailoring approaches to prevent and end homelessness for young people according to their circumstances and the communities they live in is the focus of the Anchor Communities Initiative, A Way Home Washington’s flagship program.

Getting to Functional Zero

When a community can house any young person experiencing housing instability or homelessness at any given time. See our FAQs for more definitions and information.

Foster Collaboration

In each Anchor Community, a diverse coalition works across systems and silos until they have functionally ended homelessness for all young people.

Activate Innovation

We provide coaching and tailored assistance to communities, encouraging creative approaches to reach their collective goals.

Prevent & Divert

The Centralized Diversion Fund is an important tool to remove small barriers and end a young person’s housing crisis.

Data & Equity

By-Name Lists identify each unaccompanied young person, making it possible to connect young people with the resources that are right for them.

Represent & Advocate

We advocate statewide, provide a platform for young people’s voices and work side-by-side to prevent and end youth homelessness.