Working together, we can prevent and end youth
homelessness and write a new future for Washington’s youth.

Our Team

Anne (she/her) has supported a wide variety of political, nonprofit, and academic causes. She championed Texas children and families’ voices by electing more women to state and local office. She looks forward to bringing her administrative expertise to A Way Home Washington. Email:
Anne Bradley

Grants & Finance Manager

Ashley (they/them) is a passionate social justice advocate with a decade of experience in program and systems level work to empower young people and end youth and young adult homelessness. They received their Masters of Education in Prevention Science and Practice from Harvard University. Email:
Ashley Barnes-Cocke

ACI Project Director

Born and raised in Washington, Azia (she/her) is devoted to making her home state a place where every young person has the opportunity and support to pursue a life of their choosing. She comes from a background steeped in participatory action, peer-learning, and creative facilitation in the homeless-response and social justice spheres. The values of honesty, exploration and equity drive her work on a daily basis. Email:
Azia Ruff

Coaching & Improvement Coordinator

Deonate (They/Them) brings 9 years experience as a direct service provider working with youth and young adults experiencing homelessness and foster care. Deonate is also an advocate for legislative change and systemic reform for the benefit of youth and young adults. Email:
Deonate Cruz

Community Engagement Coordinator

Isaac (they/them) has championed equity, courageous innovation and fierce compassion in their work. Focusing heavily on youth development and engagement for the past 5 years, they are excited to support communities in elevating young people in our communities. They received their Masters of Social Welfare from the University of Kansas. Email:
Isaac Sanders

Interim ACI Project Director

Liz (she/her) is an award-winning international researcher. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Washington. Equity and social justice lenses guide Liz’s data and evaluation work. Email:
Liz Harding Chao

Data & Evaluation Director

Vishesh (he/him) is a guy from India on a quest to learn more about how to use his technical skills to bring a positive change in the society. He is interested in predictive modelling and the scientific study of data--through a lens of racial and social equity. Vishesh completed his Bachelors in Information Technology in India and his Masters in Management Information Systems at the University of Texas. Email:
Vishesh Jain

Data & Evaluation Manager

Zane (He/Him) has an extensive background in the arts and his passion for social justice and racial equity began during his dancing career as speaker and community advocate. He is thrilled to bring his teaching experience with youth, creative program approach, and operational excellence to our work. Email:
Zane Ellis

Program Operations Manager

Kiki (She/Her) brings a wealth of experience working with youth and young adults to access housing and advocate for system improvement, with previous experience as a community organizer, engagement coordinator, trainer and service provider. Kiki is passionate about supporting folks in thinking critically about system norms and disrupting barriers within access to housing. Email:
Kiki Serantes

Training & Diversion Manager

Julie (She/Her) brings a strong commitment to community collaboration, advocacy, and racial equity. She received her JD from Suffolk University Law School and has held high-impact roles with the MA State Office of Affirmative Action, MA Office of the Attorney General, and Bay Area Legal Aid. Email:
Julie Patiño

Executive Director

Tammy (She/Her) has a shared passion for community service and homeless youth prompted her to expand her career and skills in Data entry and Program Management. With her lived-experience as a homeless youth during her time in Alaska , she has devoted her life to helping others that are going through similar experiences. Email:
Tamera "Tammy" Riles

Diversion and Project Manager

Cecily (she/her) brings over a decade of experience working alongside young people and communities on advocacy and system change. She received her Masters of Social Work from University of Washington. Email:
Cecily Ferguson

ACI Coaching & Improvement Manager

Hånna (She/Her) brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in continuous improvement methodology, including teaching it and other data analytics skills. She comes to us from the healthcare sector in Denver where she was most recently building COVID-19 dashboards to support the pandemic response.
Hånna Andress

Data Solutions Manager

Jasper (He/Him) honed his administrative and people skills in public-facing roles in corporate environments, including REI and Starbucks. He brings a passion for working with young people experiencing housing instability and lived experience as an LGBTQ youth in the system. He also brings expertise and a passion for writing and filmmaking.
Jasper Calkins-McQuillen

Program Operations Coordinator

Leeze Castro (they/them) is passionate about housing justice, queer liberation, and racial equity. At 18, they got involved in advocacy and activism with their local YAB. Having experienced housing instability between the ages of 15 and 21 through high school and college, Leeze is eager to explore what radical support can look like for students and others experiencing homelessness.
Leeze Castro

Student Stability Fellow