Covid-19 Impacts

Covid-19 Impacts

This dashboard shows the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 on 18-24 year olds in Washington state. These data can inform efforts to ensure that young people receive the housing, food and employment resources they need in COVID-19 recovery. Ending homelessness is possible only when young people’s basic needs are met.


Young people are shouldering the biggest burdens.

When comparing mental health, food, housing and financial security indicators across age groups in Washington, on average, young adults are consistently experiencing the worst impacts of COVID-19 across most indicators.

Anxiety and depression are pervasive.

The majority of young people are struggling with mental health concerns. Over 80% say they were experiencing anxiety and over 70% were feeling depressed. 100% of Black/African American young people reported feelings of depression as a result of recent job loss.

Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx most impacted. 

Black/African American young people were the least likely to be caught up on rent. Hispanic/Latinx young people were the most likely to experience job loss and Black/African American young people were the second most likely.